First Blog Post: ‘We Nourish’ – AP with We

“WeNourish: Serving Enumclaw & Black Diamond”

January 30th 2017

           Hello all, my name is Lauren, and welcome to my blog. This happens to be my first blog post, and so I got to get to the point. I’m part of a class of 9th graders taking AP Human Geography and we are part of the AP with We  project this year.  A big part of the project that we need to help our local community as well as people around the world, as part of our local project we are putting on a cooking class.

Local Project

           For our local project the class have put ourselves into 5 groups, each group handles a different area. We have a group that raises money, on that is the advertising/promotion group. Each group has different responsibilities and we all have to work together. What we have decided to do to help those in need is hold a Cooking Class, where people and families can come and learn to cook food that is easy really good for you.

           The group that I’m is actually putting  together the Class itself, as in, we have had to book the room that we are going to use. We work with all the other groups so that the Class can be successful as possible. As of January 30th 2017, we have set a date for the class, April 11th, and we have a room, the cooking room at the Middle School, and we are on our way to getting a chef to teach the class. 

I’m glad that I have been given the chance to make a difference in such a real way, and I’m also vary proud of all my other classmates that have taken on such a big task and just rolled with it and now we are doing it, it is happening. As I look at the whole process, I can’t think of a person that did all the work, we all care about this and so we all want this happen and work and be as amazing as we have thought it could be. Group projects bring people together because it forces people to work together and talk and get to know each other, I know that this project has done for me, I am a lot closer to the people in my group then I was at the start of this. 


– Lauren


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